November 16, 2010

Faith's birthday list

Typed by Mom.

  • Webkinz
  • iPod Nano
  • Inkheart the movie
  • New dresses
  • Puppy (golden retriever)
  • candy
  • Life the game
  • Outfits
  • Books
  • Jewelry
  • Fleece blankets
  • Loud alarm clock
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Club Penguin membership/gift card

October 7, 2010

My Birthday/ Christmas Wishlist!!!!!!!!!

-iPod Touch 4 (I want this the most!!!)
-Boots (size 7 or 71/2)
-Converse (Converse size 5 or 51/2)
-Blue Wii Remote
-Digital Camera
-Jeans (size 12)
-Gift cards to Aeropostale, Old Navy, Justice, Claire's
-Cell phone case
-silly bandz
-Band Hero DS
-Fluffy pillows
-Full-Queen bed set
-Room Decorations
-Twilight books (not twilight)
-Twilight movies
-Other Twilight stuff

If you know that someone is getting me an iPod Touch 4, you could get me...
An iPod Touch 4 case
iTunes gift card
iHome iH15 color changing speaker

June 15, 2010

Books I read #3

Have you ever dreamed of scary or very crazy fantasy creatures. Well if you have, you can read all about creatures you've never heard of in a new book I read called Fablehaven. It is about a brother named Seth and a sister named Kendra. They have to go to their grandparents for a while. They figure out that their grandfather is the caretaker of a preserve that magical creatures live in. Its called Fablehaven. Then a whole bunch of other crazy things happen. So you should go get yourself Fablehaven and read it.


This book was By: Brandon Mull

June 14, 2010

A Book That I Read
I read a book called Emily of New Moon, by L.M. Montgomery. It was about a girl named Emily who moved to a place called New Moon after her father died. She lived with her strict Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura, and Cousin Jimmy. I really liked this book

June 8, 2010

Books I read#2

Hi everybody! There's a book I just read called The Stranger Next Door. It was by Peg Kehret. You might of heard about her. This book didn't have that much violence in it, but you might get scared maybe around chapter 10 or 11. I got scared. But still it was a good book. It was about a boy named Alex who had a cat named Pete, and Pete was very brave. Another boy named Rocky moved in next door, and Alex and his little brother thought he was sort of strange.

I think you should read this book.


June 1, 2010

For the next summer I will give you reviews of books I read.

the book I just read.

The book I just read was called "Den of Thieves". It was fun in the beginning. But then after about 315 pages it was a little boring. I say you should read it and see what you think.